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“Smart Factory” in free translation “Factory of the Future” is the direction of development of enterprises in the coming years. It is not only automation and robotisation of production lines, but also modern, remote monitoring systems of equipment work and production control taking into account: machines efficiency and life time, energy control and efficiency and production quality KPI’s improvements.

At, we provide services and solutions in IIoT and latest .cloud technologies, thanks to which production plants are, even more effectively, able to optimise key parameters of operation, reduce downtime costs and increase margins on manufactured products. the Partner of global provider InfinityQS®

InfinityQS® is the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services to manufacturers worldwide. Our solutions automate data collection and analysis during the manufacturing process, so you can make real-time process improvement decisions and prevent defects before they occur. Developed by industrial statisticians using proven methodologies for quality analysis and control, InfinityQS solutions are saving leading manufacturers millions of dollars each year.

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